Ball and Chainletter

It’s like recognizing what you already have and hopefully showing it in the most honest way, instead of making so many compromises just to take a road so overtravelled that nobody can see what they’re stampeding to.

i am interested in seeing what everyone else out there is doing….i want to see how women are telling stories, for a change.

I love movies…I’m 33- I feel old to be entering his business, but I can’t imagine doing anything else now.

When I made the mistake of telling a male coworker about my documentary on sexual harassment of women on the streets of NYC he said “it’s a part of life deal with it”. I wonder how he would feel if a complete stranger walked up to him and grabbed his crotch, would he just “deal with it”.

This is not a story. There’s this woman- all these important things have happened to her, but she can’t seem to remember anything. At least not well enough to quote anyone involved.

This is the first movie I made and I followed that ancint rule about doing what you love- thrift shopping is still one of my favorite leisure activities.

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