Ball and Chainletter

It’s like recognizing what you already have and hopefully showing it in the most honest way, instead of making so many compromises just to take a road so overtravelled that nobody can see what they’re stampeding to.

There are a dozen kids-only social networks out there that were created with your child in mind from the get-go, not as an afterthought, and yoursphere is one of them

This deals with a delicate subject in a humorous way, and has some really great music. It was shot in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mein gedicht unter gottes flgeln befindet sich in der anthologie ausgewhlte werke xi der bibliothek deutschsprachiger gedichte, meine kurzgeschichte das leben kommt zurck ist in jrgen berus’ englisch bachelorarbeit schreiben buch was du dir wnschst, das bekommst du auch zu finden

When I made the mistake of telling a male coworker about my documentary on sexual harassment of women on the streets of NYC he said “it’s a part of life deal with it”. I wonder how he would feel if a complete stranger walked up to him and grabbed his crotch, would he just “deal with it”.

The obvious power of the organization lies in its ability to put supplies into the hands of teachers and students to promote academic success

This is not a story. There’s this woman- all these important things have happened to her, but she can’t seem to remember anything. At least not well enough to quote anyone involved.

Technology is a common request on the site
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