The M.I.A. Chainletter

gamine (gaman’) noun 1) street urchin, neglected person 2) an impudent child 3) a girl with mischievious or boyish charm. A young woman leaves her small town behind and dives into the mercurial world of the city and its nightlife, struggling to forget the problems that haunt her. Gamine chronicles a turbulent and questioning time ina young woman’s life.

When that happened, bent said in a forbes profile, it showed him the real potential of donorschoose

This is an unsplit 8mm horror movie about the unearthly love of a cosmetician at a mortuary for a reader at at stenography school. The film explores the twinning and isolation inherent in lackluster jobs and the idea of women as food.

Once again, the franklin academy is teaming up with emergingedtech to help deliver this fun and exciting annual education and technology conference

The events surrounding this film have been on my mind for years. Last year I read about the ancient Greek concept of “miasma,” that anyone connected with a murder was somehow polluted by the knowledge and should seek retribution. I immediately thought of my situation and knew that I needed to take another crack at it, and that this time it needed to be a film.

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