Girafferator: A Chainletter

A rich and inventive personal documentary about the living folklore surrounding magpies, but touching on a lot more- not least how to make new friends through doing drawings in public places.

In an emotionally infused montage using archival footage, text and voiceover, the filmmaker compares the premise of contemporary marriage to that of arranged marriage. By juxtaposing her own experience to that of her Greek immigrant grandparents, the piece reflects on the possibility that although we enjoy more freedom today, the same uncertainties about love continue to plague us.

Feet are stuck to this surface like suction cups.
So you are born.
Traffic determines the mold of the landscape.
From here to there.
There are many places where no one ever walks.
Earth lays dormant.
These places are crusts of commerce.
Go dancing there.

This is a documentary retrospective of Earth Onion Women’s Improvisational Theater group (Washington D.C. 1970-75). In it 6 of the 9-member troupe including the filmmaker gather together for a reunion in 2003.

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