The Banana Cremeletter

I have always dreamed of making a movie. When I was little I begged for a Fisher Price PXL, but my mother said it was too much $, a “piece of crap”. To this day, I still can’t afford a camera.

The condensed narrative of the The Booby Trap swiftly relays the ambiguity of a dirty joke. In this naughty story, the described patriarchal relations acknowledge both the mythology of the phallus and its real power.

i sewed 3 ft. kiss dolls. i hate kiss. i hate that kiss is cool. i sewed them and painted them in my apartment. tommy and i wanted to show them how wrong kiss is. how wrong that movie is.

This film explores the visual realm of our solar system, with strobing-found-visuals originally captured by the voyager spacecraft and satellite photography. Fabulous and mysterious electronic music by Jetfinger composed on his hand-made modular synthesizer accompanies this brave look past our own atmosphere and into the unknown.

This is about disillusionment. Initially, I had more controversial ideas concerning the relationship between the nun and Mabel, the lead character, but I wasn’t quite ready to unleash some of those ideas.

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