The Cherry Cherry Chainletter

It’s a fantasy of what I wish I had learned at 14 instead of struggling all my teen years to figure out. I tried to really find the origins of my teenage discomfort and unravel them to see how I came to resolve myself to being comfortable, outspoken, and sexually self-sufficient.

Based on a short story that I wrote. You could say it’s about stumbling across an old letter, or some old feelings, that maybe changed your life back then and has a lot to do with where you are now, and then deciding how that plays out for you today. Or you could say it’s about something else. It’s very angsty and I was shocked. I took myself seriously and it felt good.

Through this video, I express some of my frustrations in trying to tap into far away memories, ancient memories that sleep in our subconscious, and both the vulnerability and the power that may be involved in the recollection of these memories.

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