The M.I.A. Chainletter

gamine (gaman’) noun 1) street urchin, neglected person 2) an impudent child 3) a girl with mischievious or boyish charm. A young woman leaves her small town behind and dives into the mercurial world of the city and its nightlife, struggling to forget the problems that haunt her. Gamine chronicles a turbulent and questioning time ina young woman’s life.

When my obsession with Airiana- the girl with the prettiest paper eyes I have ever seen- struck I was lucky enough to have a video camera in hand.

The events surrounding this film have been on my mind for years. Last year I read about the ancient Greek concept of “miasma,” that anyone connected with a murder was somehow polluted by the knowledge and should seek retribution. I immediately thought of my situation and knew that I needed to take another crack at it, and that this time it needed to be a film.

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