The Newborn Chainletter

When I was a little/good girl I’d sit in the backyard which wasn’t much of a backyard because we’re poor & we live in the city and I’d pretend to be Snow White with a sweet singing voice and fair skin and my eyes blazing blue i’d sit in buddha-calm and wait for the squirrels and dusty pigeons and alley-cats and skinny wandering dogs to gather and eat saltines from my outstretched palm…

I feel that the presentation of subjectivity as a piece of art can quite possibly lie at the bottom of what makes an artwork important and why we react to art so strongly, and this is my first attempt at illustrating this idea and discovering what about subjectivity in its presentation, feels narcissistic and what can have a more general universal implications.

This film examines the effects of Sharon Stone on a 12-year old girl who has dreams of becoming Miss Teen Ohio despite her high IQ.

Anxiety and disorientation increase as technology is used to fine-tune personality. The gulf widens between a mother and daughter struggling to understand female identity.

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