Some Kind of Loving

“Repression breeds fine lines.” The content is about child abuse – parental misuse of power and disregard for a very young person’s healthy development. As a result of continual abuse, whatever the form, all areas of that child’s life are negatively affected.

I remember Madonna in the early 1980’s. I was young (pre-teen). Her music made me feel sexy before I knew what sexy was, and it made me hopeful before I realized that the world is a very difficult place. As an adult woman, I often emote as I did when I was 11. This tape is a homage to that young girl, how perfectly beautiful and perfectly mean life can be.

“Pornfilm” is a short film about love and sex, about the narratives of each. A woman reads a brief story about an actor’s real life marriages, failure and later ‘wedded bliss.’ The reading is stiff, awkward and stumbling. The images are of two actors having sex; with an investigatory band ping ponging back and forth, an incessant watching and exposing.

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