Curated by Miss Lady Hand Grenade (Jen Smith).

Flier for the Cha Cha Cabaret at Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace, San Francisco, 1997. Image courtesy of Sharon Cheslow.

Cha Cha Cabaret was a “punk ladies variety show of radical femmes bringing old-time glamour to the punk forum” (Anji, KUCI).


Tour dates:
June 27, 1997, 9 pm. (San Francisco, CA) Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace, 2050 Bryant Street. With Virginia Dare, The Electrolettes, Melissa & Hilary Klein, Marisa Meltzer & Skirts, Big Miss Moviola Project, Heart Revolution, Cloaca, Daughters of Houdini, Miss Lady Hand Grenade.

June 29, 1997, 8pm. (Portland, OR) Cafe Paradiso, 115 W. Broadway. With Big Miss Moviola (ladies’ movie project), Miss Murgatroid, Panties, Lookers, The Electrolettes, Amelia Smoke Bomb, Sped, Miss Lady Hand Grenade.
$1-3 sliding scale

July 1, 1997. (Olympia, WA) Arrowspace. With Miranda July, Miss Lady Hand Grenade, The Electrolettes.

July 3, 1997, 7:30pm. (Bellingham, WA) The Show-Off Gallery, 1210 C Street. Performance Art, Music, Trip Hop, Singing, Drama, Movies, Arts!, Crafts. With I.C.U., Big Miss Moviola, Khaela Marieich, Diana Arens, The Electrolettes, Miss Lady Hand Grenade, Agnes And Hatties Eastside Witches Festival, The Catch Of The Day Booth.



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