Films by Fiona (Fingerface) (Saunders) Helmsley

Appears on Joanie 4 Jackie 4Ever (1998)

A story of best friends. Fiona makes fun of all your “issues”: bulemia, incest, lesbianism. The D.I.Y. riot grrl movie that killed riot grrl.

Appears on U-Matic Chainletter (1997)

J.J. Transplant just had so much personality it would be a crime if he didn’t end up a star. This movie was made while we were staying out in Berkeley and it had no script. It was based on an idea I had the night before and the desire to do a dance scene.

Appears on The Underwater Chainletter (1996)

Hey our movies are almost never planned out, but Fiona actually wrote out a script for this. So now we believe in scripts. We would like to see more loudmouthed, rude girls with guts, not this over-abundance of duh that seems to be on the rise. We are understanding though. Joy to the world.