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Perfect 10: The Chainletter

Katherine McDowell, The Woman Who
March 28, 2013

How did you find out about Joanie 4 Jackie and how old were you at the time?
I found out about the chainletter tapes from my college’s film department. I was around 21 at the time.

What interested you about the project?
I loved the idea of women filmmakers sharing their films and being part of a compilation.

At the time you participated in Joanie 4 Jackie did you consider yourself a filmmaker? What was your relationship to making movies?
I was studying filmmaking and dreamt of becoming a filmmaker.

What did you think/feel about the Joanie 4 Jackie at the time? And now, in retrospect?
I thought it was a very cool power-to-the-people (power-to-the-women) concept. I was also frustrated by how under-represented women filmmakers are and found the project empowering. Thirteen years later, I’m glad to still have my tape and pleased to see it catalogued on the website.

What institutions, groups, people, publications and movements were inspiring you at the time of your participation in J4J?
At the time, the Zine movement was gaining attention as one of the few ways that creative people could affordably be heard without jumping through hoops and working within the system. Though it’s hard to imagine, J4J tapes were being made before the social media/blog/internet revolution so it was challenging sending your creative work out there into the world.

What do you do now – professionally and otherwise? Are you still involved in filmmaking?
I am now a painter, printmaker and writer. For me, filmmaking is an old lover and treasured memory. At least I got to work on Super 8 and 16mm back then!

Anything you would like to see on the J4J site?
Is there any way to attach a digital version of my film to the site like some others?