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Malado Baldwin(-Tejeda), Day Ditty
April 13, 2013

How did you find out about Joanie 4 Jackie and how old were you at the time?
Miranda July gave a talk and screening of her films in our school’s performance hall. Somehow with her outfit and persona it became this beautiful performance- at once outgoing and reclusive, she reached out to us, to me it felt, and invited submissions to her new Chainletter project. I later contacted her and submitted my film. I was in my early twenties at the time.

What interested you about the project?
I was making a lot of home movies at the time, and there were few resources for young filmmakers.

At the time you participated in Joanie 4 Jackie did you consider yourself a filmmaker? What was your relationship to making movies?
Yes, I considered myself both a student of film and a filmmaker.

Do you have any specific anecdotes or memories associated with the project?:
(see below)

What did you think/feel about the Joanie 4 Jackie at the time? And now, in retrospect?
I was a student in college, part of a new film program at Swarthmore. Miranda July was invited by my professor Patti White to lecture at the school, and she blew my mind! She left quite and impression. I got really excited knowing there were other girls out there doing it themselves.

Joanie4Jackie was a rare opportunity to see other women filmmakers and what they were up to.

If you attended a screening, can you tell us where and when it was and anything else you remember about it?
During intermission, Miranda assigned us a task of making our own mini movies with cameras she had set up around the building I remember that my best friend Jesse and I thought it would be funny and appropriate to shoot in the ladies room. So we went to the bathroom down the hall, got up on the sinks, and peed in them. At the time we thought it was hilarious and rebellious… I wonder what she ever did with these films!

After the talk, a few of us went back to the dorms to hang out, and I painted Miranda’s portrait while we chatted. I remember she had a crazy blonde spiky wig, and layers of pantyhose pulled over her platform shoes. It was very tank girl meets raver chic meets fairy …

What institutions, groups, people, publications and movements were inspiring you at the time of your participation in J4J?
I had emerged from the 90s DC punk, riot-girl, positive force scene– a background which emphasized DIY political, musical and artistic movements. Then, in college, I studied feminist literature, alternative cinema and postmodern theory.

What do you do now – professionally and otherwise? Are you still involved in filmmaking?
I am a filmmaker and artist, currently completing a film project called LUX/NOX.
My website: www.maladobaldwin.com

Anything you would like to see on the J4J site?
More pictures and more of the film clips!