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Shannon Kringen, Goddess Kring (also Goddess Kring on Perfect 10: The Chainletter and Goddess Kring on The Underwater Chainletter)
March 28, 2013

How did you find out about Joanie 4 Jackie and how old were you at the time?
I am 44 now so I was in my mid to late 20’s at the time I think? I worked at Kinkos in Seattle and saw a “Big Miss Moviola” zine in the recycle bin or on the counter I think? Or maybe Miranda gave me one? I was the cashier. I worked there from 1994-1997.

What interested you about the project?
I wanted to be with a group of artists and get my work out there and seen in a supportive homegrown handmade funky way. I did a public access TV show called “Goddess KRING” from 1995-2011 and submitting video to this project was an extension of that. I wanted my voice heard and seen and was curious how others would respond to me. I wanted to feel I could be my real authentic self and belong at the same time. This is an ongoing battle for me. I want to be authentic and yet connected. I feel like the loner miss fit odd person most of the time! I don’t like “blending in” but want to be included. I like “standing out.”

At the time you participated in Joanie 4 Jackie did you consider yourself a filmmaker? What was your relationship to making movies?
I consider myself a multi media aRtist. (capital R intentional) Making movies is a way to get what is inside me out into the world. I love how powerful video is in combining audio/visual and motion in one medium…and that it can be seen online, television and screened in aRt galleries or movie houses. I also paint and take photos, write poetry and record my spoken word. I do silkscreening and printmaking and collage as well.

Do you have any specific anecdotes or memories associated with the project?
I wish I had gone further in submitting and done more!

What did you think/feel about the Joanie 4 Jackie at the time? And now, in retrospect?
I think it’s a lovely concept. I get sick when I think about the competitive mean spirited way in which some creative people treat each other. To share work and distribute work in this way is very cooperative and friendly and reminds me of being in kindergarten and playing.

If you attended a screening, can you tell us where and when it was and anything else you remember about it?
Not sure if I did or not? I have done many things over the years. If there was one in Seattle I might have? At 911 Media aRts Center?

What institutions, groups, people, publications and movements were inspiring you at the time of your participation in J4J?
Public access TV, figure modeling for art schools (that is my “day job” and has been for 21 years. spiritual groups around Seattle, World Naked Bike Ride, Summer Solstice Parade people in Seattle. naturists, nudists, Tom Petty and Tori Amos music. Was at the time and still is.

What do you do now – professionally and otherwise? Are you still involved in filmmaking?

I model for aRt classes nude for a living and I sell my aRtwork on my website. I hand paint shoes (gave one pair I made for Tori Amos to her in 1996 and she wore them on stage at the paramount theatre during one of her concerts).

I still make Goddess KRING videos and put them online here:

A short doc was made about me called “Typecast Dragon.” It screened at the following:
1. Toronto Film Festival, 2. Seattle Film Festival, 3. Bumbershoot, 4. Northwest Film Forum, 5. Was a finalist in the 2012 International Documentary Challenge.
Seattle cult icon Goddess Kring wrestles with her public access fame as she transitions into a new cycle in her life. A finalist in the 2012 International Documentary Challenge, “Typecast Dragon” premiered Internationally at the Hot Docs Film Festival and premiered in the US at the Seattle International Film Festival.

I also self published this book recently and it’s selling:
aRt, Identity and the Sacred
Shannon Kringen’s 140 page book of multi media aRt. (mostly photography) and her philosophy on how aRt, Identity and the Sacred relate to each other. aRt as a spiritual practice.

I am finishing my BA degree at Antioch University in Seattle and might go on to earn my masters combining aRt and psych.

I plan to write a book about my life story and fill it with synchronicity travel stories and multi media aRtwork. I have friends in many other countries and would love to figure model and couch surf my way around the world and write a book about that or make a film about it.

My main sites are here:

Anything you would like to see on the J4J site?
Not sure? Maybe a bio and links to everyone involved…their websites and what they are doing now? Future collaborations? A book about this project? Interview us all and make a documentary?