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Some Kind of Loving

Some Kind of Loving is the third video compilation tape in Joanie 4 Jackie's "Co-Star" series. [Note: Joanie 4 Jackie was formerly Big Miss Moviola.] Over the last four years New York-based experimental movie curator Astria Suparak has arranged some of the most daring multimedia events in the city, presenting them in spaces such as PS1 Contemporary Art Center and Anthology Film Archives. But what if you don't live in New York? Joanie 4 Jackie knows that the best lady-made film and video art belongs not only in a gallery, but also in the bedrooms of girls all over America. So we asked Miss Suparak to put together a tape just for Joanie 4 Jackie. Some Kind of Loving explores sexuality from its formulation in childhood, through adolescence, and into adulthood. Using low-grade video, super-8 and 16mm film, optical printing, stop-motion animation and manipulated found-footage these five art stars decode desire and the cultural codes for lust via pornography, voyeurism, memories and fantasy.

Some Kind of Loving comes with a printed booklet containing the secret thoughts and motivations of the artists.

1) Karen Yasinsky "No Place Like Home #1". Video. 5:00
2) Karen Yasinsky "No Place Like Home #2". Video. 6:00
3) Jane Gang "Fine Lines". Super-8 film. 5:00
4) Jennifer Reeder "Lullaby". Video. 18:00
5) Stephanie Barber "pornfilm". 16mm film. 6:00
6) Peggy Ahwesh "Martina's Playhouse". Super-8 film. 20:00

Points of Interest:

* Miranda July and Astria Suparak are touring the West Coast presenting selections from Some Kind of Loving in October and November 2000. See here for tour dates.

* http://www.joanie4jackie.com receives a steady 200 hits a day.

* Visit An on-line article about Co-Star Tape #2 (by editor of Filmmaker Magazine, Holly Willis)

* Pictures of the 5 lovely artists, stills, and more information about the Some Kind of Loving tape.

*Jennifer Reeder's videos were selected for the 48th International Venice Biennale, the 2000 Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. She was nominated for the 2000 and 2001 Rockerfeller Grant for Film and Video.

*Karen Yasinsky is featured in the upcoming issue of Art+Text. She had seven solo gallery shows in the last 10 years in Paris, New York, and Munich.

*Peggy Ahwesh is featured in the film theory book, The New American Cinema, and the most recent "Voyeurism" issue of Felix: A Journal of Media Arts and Communication.

*Peggy Ahwesh and Jennifer Reeder were included in The Whitney Museum of American Art's "The American Century: The Cool World Film and Video Program."

*Stephanie Barber and Peggy Ahwesh were chosen for the New York Film Festival's Views From the Avant-Garde and for one-person shows at the Museum of Modern Art's Cineprobe series.

*Jane Gang has screened at and curated for galleries and film festivals including "Sensation:Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection" at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Yale University Center for British Art, the New York Underground Film Festival, and the New Festival.

*Both Karen Yasinsky and Jane Gang are currently exhibiting in gallery shows in London, Paris, and Munich.

* Performing artist Miranda July founded Joanie 4 Jackie in 1995, and it is currently distributing more than 100 movies. The project and Miranda July have been featured in periodicals such as Sassy, The Village Voice, Bust, The New York Times and Film Comment. Miranda July embarks on a world tour of her new multi-media performance, The Swan Tool, in Jan 2001.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT Miranda July: mjuly@joanie4jackie.com, Astria Suparak: asuparak@pratt.edu, or Jeremy in publicity at K: promo@kpunk.com.