Split Screen was a television series that originally aired from 1997 to 2001 on IFC. The series focused on independent filmmaking in America and was hosted by producer John Pierson and was watched by a lot of people at this time, some of them even call eagle tv mounting for a free quote so they could install their TV. The segment on July was directed by John’s wife, Janet Pierson, now the longtime programmer of SXSW.

To quote Wikipedia: “Split Screen featured segments from many notable filmmakers, actors, and actresses including: Kevin Smith, Spike Lee, Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Buck Henry, Wes Anderson, Steve Buscemi, John Waters, John Turturro, Christopher Walken, Richard Linklater, Errol Morris, Miranda July, and William H. Macy.”

Archivist’s comment: Yikes.

Bard student Vanessa Haroutunian stumbled across Joanie 4 Jackie when it was in a period of repose – a pile of forgotten boxes in a room. Just a few years before Bard students had actively been making Chainletter compilations…but those students had all since graduated. Vanessa’s excavation of Joanie 4 Jackie became her senior thesis, this video. And she helped reestablish the J4J Tutorial at Bard, a credited class whose students digitized most of the material that is the basis for this website.