Interference Archive: Joanie4Jackie4Ever

Organized by Mary Billyou, Chris Bravo, Mark Lukenbill, and Paris McGarry, as part of the larger project We Are What We Archive.

Two monitors in the Archive will present looping programs culled from the Joanie 4 Jackie Chainletter project. “Joanie4Jackie4Ever” is included in Interference’s current series of micro-exhibits highlighting lesser-known –yet essential– objects in the archive’s collection. Born out of the cultural movement of Riot Grrrl conventions and cheap fanzine production, Joanie4Jackie was developed before the internet and its characteristic peer-to-peer file exchange. The project supported communication and connections between female media makers across the United States. Every participant received a compilation Chainletter in which their video was contextualized with ten other filmmakers’ work. No submission was rejected. Effectively, each Chainletter became a mix-tape of films produced by women mostly unknown to each other. Emphasizing exchange, access, and affinity between producers, this collective production heralded innovative formations of new media, such as the Creative Commons.

Two screenings and an installation featuring the work of Cozette Carroll, Dulcie Clarkson, Kerthy Fix, Dara Greenwald, K8 Hardy, Vanessa Haroutunian, Kara Herold, Sarah Jacobson, Sarah Kennedy, Shannon Kringen, Penny Lane, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe, Satvia Peterson, Vanessa Renwick, Emily Richardson, Tina Spangler, Deborah Stratman and Cat Tyc.


November 4th, 7pm: A roundtable discussion with Joanie 4 Jackie filmmakers, archivists and organizers. To be preceded by a screening of pure&magicalpussypower, a J4J documentary, by director Vanessa Haroutunian.
This is an opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from the people who contributed, supported, and built the J4J project. Participants include: Mary Billyou, Chris Bravo, Kerthy Fix, Vanessa Haroutunian, Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe, Paris McGarry, and Cat Tyc.

November 5th, 7pm: Joanie4Jackie4Ever
Experience a Chainletter as it was originally viewed! Introducing the screening will be an authentic Joanie4Jackie title sequence made by the artist K8 Hardy. Filmmakers will be in attendance.

Ongoing from November 4th–January 15th: Selections from the entire collection of Joanie4-Jackie Chainletters will available at a viewing station in Interference Archive. Also on display will be paper ephemera and videos from Tina Spangler’s collection, including copies of her zine Femme Flicke. In addition, Joanie4Jackie filmmakers’ zines will also be presented.

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