Wexner Center

“In Saturday’s matinee performance, July will present videos from her grass-roots video distribution network for girls, Big Miss Moviola. Girls send in their short movies, and July compiles them, 10 at a time, onto ‘chain letter tapes.’ She then sends them back out to the contributors, creating an instant small community of people who have seen each other’s work. July said that on Saturday, her entire focus will be on Big Miss Moviola, but said that she liked the aspect of having two different performances to concentrate on, both her live performance art and the video distribution. ‘It kind of places me perfectly betwixt the two, which is exactly where I am,’ July said.” – Emily L. Jones, The Lantern


As Sharon Mooney recalls: “Emily and I went to the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio to see Miranda July at a small screening (of the Some Kind of Loving Tape) and were too shy to talk to her at the end. I later saw part of the same tape at a class Astria Suparak guest lectured in when I was in grad school at SVA in New York – a Shelly Silver class.”

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