New York Underground Film Festival: Joanie 4 Jackie, You Are Turning 10!

Organized by Bard College Joanie 4 Jackie Tutorial students and Jackie Goss.

Long After the Thrill: A Christmas Story by Erika Robo
My Mother’s Pants by Mary Hackett
Freak Magnet by Kellie McGregor
Getting to Homebase: The All American Pastime by Irena Fayngold
Sarah Nye by Sarah Hanssen
The Slow Escape by Sativa Peterson
Pecking Disorder by Sara Kaye
All I Can Be by Erica Hill
How to Get Rid of Head Lice by Erica Norman
Sunday by Justine Haemmerli


As Charlotte Greville recalls: “I would drive to NYC from Bard with other J4J members to hold screenings at Anthology Film Archive. We would do a little explanation of the project and let it roll. After the screening we would sell some J4J stuff we made. We met very interesting people who all loved J4J.”

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