Performance and screening in honor of the newly released “Joanie 4 Jackie 4Ever” Co-Star tape.


Tour dates:
June 12, 1998. (Portland, OR) Stage 4 Theater: The premiere of Miranda July’s “The Amateurist” and other selections from “Joanie 4 Jackie 4Ever”, and MeMe America.

(Seattle, WA) 911 Media Arts Center

(Berkeley, CA) The Fine Arts Cinema

June 19, 1998 (?). (Long Beach, CA) The P.C.H. Club: “Joanie 4 Jackie 4Ever” screening and Miranda July performance.


As Sativa Peterson recalls: “I attended a screening in 1998 in Berkeley, CA at The Fine Arts Cinema. […] I remember meeting Miranda July in the bathroom and talking to one another through our reflections in the bathroom mirror.”


This documentation includes July’s introduction of the project, and her performance of an excerpt from “Love Diamond”.

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