Spectacle: This Is Not A Test

Organized by Mark Lukenbill, as part of GRRRL GERMS: A Visual History of Riot Grrrl.

Feeling dejected and misunderstood in her overwhelmingly male college film program, Portland artist Miranda July began distributing open calls for female film work within Riot Grrrl zines nationwide. She would then compile all of the submissions, record them to VHS, and send them back to the filmmakers as a chainletter tape entitled “Big Miss Moviola.” The work is fresh and surprising – most often from young burgeoning filmmakers struggling to find solidarity and companionship within their artistic communities. The tapes included work by artists such as Mary Billyou and K8 Hardy, who drew inspiration from the early ’90s work of underground filmmakers Jennifer Reeves, Sarah Jacobson, Sadie Benning, G.B. Jones, and others. This program documents the evolution of that filmic movement: from the disruptive, violent, and often hilarious early films to the irreverent experiments of the videotape age.

BUTCH PATROL. Dir. Myra Paci, 1990. 2 min.
TRANSELTOWN. Dir. Myra Paci, 1992. 19 min.
FLOW. Dir. Mary Billyou, 1995. 5 mins.
ANTS IN HER PANTS. Dir. K8 Hardy, 1998. 5 mins.
MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET. Dir. Jennifer Reeves, 1993. 14 mins.
I WAS A TEENAGE SERIAL KILLER Dir. Sarah Jacobson, 1993. 27 mins.

May 7 – 10:00pm
May 19 – 7:30pm. Filmmakers in person.
May 23 – 7:30pm

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